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Sadie ~ FKA Happy

This is Sadie formerly know as Happy. We adopted her August 25, 2018 and this year has been full of love! She loves balls, toys, walks, water, car rides (especially to the breweries) and her human brother. She learned the rules of the house pretty quick. She only had a few accidents when she got home but learned it’s fun to ring the bell and get treats for going to the bathroom outside. She loved her first snow fall and still can’t understand where the snowballs go that mommy threw. She can stay out of her crate already with no accidents while mommy and daddy are at work. She has a lot of friends at daycare also. She just celebrated her first birthday May 22nd while her brother celebrated his 16th on the same day! She follows him everywhere and loves him so much. She has brought so much joy to our lives and I’m so happy we adopted her. Thank you so much!

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