• katiesheridan14

Harvey ~ FKA Ripley

I wanted to send in an update on Harvey (Ripley)!

-He is currently growing SO FAST. Almost 30 pounds and 4ish months old!

-He LOVES being outside, tennis balls, sticks and raw hides, but his favorite chewing toy right now are his big brothers legs 😂.

-Harvey recently learned how swim and now we can’t get him out of the water! He knows “sit”, “come”, “go get it” really well...still working on “no” lol

-We go on family walks almost everyday and recently became curious in cats, squirrels, and birds.

-He is almost sleeping through the night with no potty breaks. Yay!!

-His favorite spot(s) in the house to chill are the back of the couch like a cat, his dog bed by the window, or in the bed by mommy.

Sweet baby is his mommas shadow and rarely leaves my side ❤️ which I needed more than I knew after losing one of our pups to cancer recently. Harvey has been my god sent angel and I can’t thank y’all enough for doing what you do to save the most precious creatures every created!

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