• katiesheridan14


We wanted to let you know how Haney (kept the name) is doing! July 31st we celebrated his 1st birthday. Its crazy how much he has changed from that little puppy we got back in October. He topped out at ~30 lbs which has made him a perfect first backpacking partner. This pups love for adventure is endless and only matched by his love for a good nap and snuggle after the adventure! He has spent many hours on the trails with us, hiking, backpacking, and spending nights out in the tent. Haney also has been seeing the US with us, enjoying the grand canyon, death valley, the redwoods, as well as the golden gate bridge to name a few. Everywhere we go people smile and ask to pet him which gets a big tail wag out of Haney (he knows he is cute and uses it to his advantage often). We absolutely love our furbaby and could not have asked for a better first puppers. Thank you for everything you do at the shelter, we are incredibly grateful to have our pup, and know just how much love and effort you put in to all the other pups who are next in line for their furever homes. Thank you again!