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Luna ~ FKA Donna Karan

We just wanted to send an update on our little Luna!

Luna is the best thing to happen to us - she is the perfect fit for our little family! We’ve had her for almost a month now, she’s about 4.5 months now. She’s growing fast and gained 6lbs in her first two weeks at home. She’s teething like crazy - she loves biting our ankles (not fun) as we are walking by and anything else within reach.

Teething and all, she is super sweet, silly, playful, and full of energy! Sometimes she gets the zoomies and just runs laps around the apartment! Although when she’s sleepy she can be such a snuggle bug too. She loves playing in the snow - we’ve already gotten a lot of it here in MA. She likes to play tug, fetch, and playing hide and seek with us (one of the newer things she’s learned. She is SO smart - she learned around four or five tricks within her first several days home, and was completely crate-trained as well. She’s finally house-broken (took about three weeks) and rings a bell to go outside potty!

Everyone who sees her and meets her is instantly in love. She’s loving every minute of the attention too! Her tail wags so hard the rest of her body follows along and she is a little ‘wiggle butt’! She always looks so happy to see us and truly looks as though she’s smiling. We love her so much and can’t thank Humane Society of the Delta enough for bringing her to us. We love you Luna!

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