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Join HSD to help us assist animals in need in our communities.  No matter where you live, we welcome friends to join us in our effort to advocate for animals.

Joining is easy!  Simply click here to download the membership application and mail your tax-deductible donation today. 

Remember the saying “Join Us to Save the Delta Paws.”  Let your voice be heard with ours and become a Friend of the Humane Society of the Delta today.

Visit our Facebook page, Humane Society-Of-The-Delta and be a friend!  Help us make the world a better place for our furry friends and cute companions.
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8480 Phillips 300 Rd      (870) 228-2859              P.O. Box 3218
Helena AR  72342                   West Helena AR  72390
Visit us on Facebook at Humane-Society-of-the-Delta
HSD is a 501(c)3
non-profit organization.
Make your tax deductible
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Memorial & Honorary Donations!

Contact HSD and give us the name and address of the family or loved one, along with your name and address to receive acknowledgement about your donation.

If you make an online donation, be sure to include a message if you want your contribution to be a memorial.

Click on our Donate page to learn about other ways you can help HSD.
Be A Volunteer

We have so many wonderful animals at the shelter.  They would love to see you and would really appreciate a walk and a hug.  Even more they would like to find a forever home.

Call (870) 228-2859 to check with us for the best time to come and visit. 

You will be so glad you did!
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Past Pets of the Day

These precious animals still need a home.  Give the gift of life by giving one of our beautiful animals a loving, forever home.
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Important Notice

Many of our friends and supporters already know HSD was touched by
evil a few days before Halloween when someone vandalized the kennels, took some of the animals out and used them for dog fighting bait. 

Visit this link to read about what happened:

Break-in:  Dogs Used for Bait

We have been blessed with some support and Faithful Companions is spearheading a campaign to help with funding to put up an electric fence around the facility so that the evil doers can no longer have access to the animals.  This will cost around $3,000.  They also want to help us get siding and a roof for the outside dog kennels so that they have further protection from the elements. 

Make a tax-deductible donation today to help the Humane Society continue our mission to help animals who have no one else!