Foster homes are one of the most valuable pieces of assistance a person can provide for a rescue!  By bringing home one dog or puppy, you are increasing the likelihood that pup will get adopted, while at the same time saving the life of a dog in the community that needs a place at the shelter.  


We are not kidding when we say fostering saves taking in 1 dog you are saving 2!

There are lots of questions and misconceptions about fostering...

we are here to debunk those:

1. "I am worried I will get attached!"

You might not!  That dog or puppy will probably always have a place in your heart, but wouldn't you rather miss them from time to time than have them spend any more days, weeks or months at the shelter alone in a kennel?  

Often times, fosters and adopters stay in touch and share updates.  Some even get to visit!  

As a foster, you also have first dibs if you fall in love!  We just ask you let us know as soon as possible.  As long as another adopter has not already paid an adoption fee, you are more than welcome to adopt your foster!  We love foster fails :)

2. "Only 'problem' dogs need foster homes, right?"

WRONG!!! We never send dogs with known issues to foster homes.  We dog, cat, and kid test each one on a case by case basis based on the needs of the foster home.  We make sure the foster home is the right fit.


Some dogs get overlooked because of their coloring, and because people cannot meet them prior to adopting if we don't have them in a foster home.  We have had times where a dog or puppy gets overlooked for months, but right when they are placed in a foster home they get an influx of interest.  Its amazing the difference a foster home can make for a dog or puppy!

3. "What happens once I get a foster?  Am I on my own?"

No way!  We are with you every step of the way.  We are here to answer questions, provide support, and offer advice.  We are available to our fosters via email, text, or phone.  If you have trouble with anything, we are always here to help!

4. "What is expected of me as a foster?"

The things our fosters work on with dogs and puppies are usually housebreaking and crate training (more-so with puppies!).  You don't need to be an expert trainer to do this!  Just a little patience while the foster pup learns how to live in a home.  

Things that are an added bonus are if you can get the pup used to being on a leash, in a car, etc. Though nothing is required except giving them some love, making sure they are fed and get lots of love :)

5. "Ok, I am convinced!  What does the process entail?"

  1. First, you submit an application to foster.  You can fill that out here: 

  2. We will be in touch after your application is approved, and have you select a dog or puppy to foster!  Nearly all of our dogs and puppies are available to foster, so you will have a wide variety to choose from.

  3. We book transport, and find a pick up location closest to you. *if the times or locations are an issue for you, please still reach out!  We may be able to work something else out*

  4. After pick-up, we ask that you be in touch with us with updates about your foster!  We request photos and videos that will help them get adopted. Any cute little quirks or tendencies are always welcomed as well!  

  5. Once we have someone approved to adopt, we will be in touch with you to let you know.  We will have them contact you (usually via text) to set up a time to meet!  We suggest a local park or other common area, so you don't have to invite them to your home if you do not want!  We will let you know if they are able to take the pup home that day or not.  We handle all adoption fees and contracts on our end, so you will never have to worry about that!  

  6. Once the hand-off has happened you are done!  We handle all the follow up with the adopter, but you can request they stay in touch if you wish.  You can opt to jump right back in and get another pup transported, or you can hold off.  Whatever you want!  

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