Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?


Our shelter is located in Helena, Arkansas.  We adopt dogs locally, as well as throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and other locations as allows.

2. Where are your dogs located?

Almost all of our dogs are located at our shelter in Helena, AR.  We have just a couple of foster homes at any given time (and we are desperate for more!) , so unless the dog's profile indicates they are in foster, please assume they are at the shelter.

3. How does transport work?

Once a dog is adopted, they can be transported to their new adopter.  Most of our adoptions happen in the Northeast, but we do have options for elsewhere.  Please e-mail us if you would like to know more about transport locations!  Please check out our transportation page.

4. It feels scary adopting without meeting the pup first. What if they aren't the right fit for our home?

We know it can feel scary and that's why we offer a FULL refund of your adoption fee within the first two weeks if for some reason it's not the right fit. We want our adopters to feel confident and we want the best situation for our pups. If in that 2 weeks you feel it is not working out, we can rehome the dog and refund your adoption fee. All we ask is that you foster the dog until we find them a new home! 

5. I have more questions!! Who do I contact?

Please e-mail [email protected] directly. We DO NOT answer adoption questions or inquiries on any other platform.