Across the Rainbow Bridge

We know one of the hardest parts of being a pet parent is saying goodbye.  We want to remember and memorialize those who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

For a donation of $100, we will create a plaque on this page for your beloved pet.  Whether they were adopted from our shelter or elsewhere, we want to remember them! 


Our sweet Nolan passed away in the summer of 2016. He gave us lots of laughs, endless snuggles, and was the most loyal companion. Nolan loved unconditionally and we were so lucky we got to be his family. We miss our Nolan everyday.



I lost my little guy Snoopy, on Christmas 2018 at 18 years old. In his younger years, he would do just about anything for a treat! He met us with zoomies when we would come home, was by my side through many migraines and loved riding with me to pick up brother from school. As the years passed, his hearing waned and the sparkle in his eyes dulled but he still gave lots of love and comfort. I miss him so much but I know he's made lots of friends over the rainbow bridge. 


Your pet here!

Submit a photo along with your donation, and we will remember your family member who has crossed the rainbow bridge!

Peeping Dog


Kelsey was on her third home when we adopted her, but she was treasured from the first moment we met her.  She had so many health issues from being badly inbred, but had the sassy attitude to make it through it all.  She would "awoo" and chit chat with the family, and smile followed promptly with a sneeze.  We miss this girl every day.



Little Stella was missing all of her teeth, and beginning to lose her sight when she was rescued.  What she lacked in vision she made up for in spunk! We kept some of her sweaters to remember her...she was always dressed up. She is deeply missed.



Kingsley was only a part of our family for 10 months due to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect, but we are so glad he was ours for that time. We were so lucky that he was our first baby, and he showed us how truly special it is to be dog parents. We will always miss you Memoo.



Colin was a rescued retired racing greyhound.  Thank goodness he wasn't any good and retired young so he could spend all of his years with us.  He was a big fan of knocking over piles of papers with the same overwhelming shock of the outcome.  A total goofball.  He spent many wonderful years with us until the ripe age of 16!  We miss your antics, Col!