Office Hours
7am to 10am 
3pm to 6pm

Contact HSD if you would like to come at another time or are interested in volunteering, fostering, or adopting. 

(870) 753-2119
Frequent Shelter Needs

> Money/Giftcards – donations are used for supplies, food and shelter for our animals
> Black yard size garbage bags 
> White kitchen size garbage bags  
> Mop heads (large) for use on concrete floors – we go thru 3 of these every 2 months. 
> Laundry detergent liquid or dry – we do a lot of laundry 
> Liquid hand soap 
> Alcohol gel 
> Adams Flea and Tick Spray – blue spray bottle 
> Paper towels 
> Pop up disinfectant wipes – Lysol or Clorox 
> Disinfectant by the bottle – Pine Sol, Lysol, etc. 
> Dish washing soap 
> Yellow industrial mop buckets with wring out attachment

Other Animal Needs

> Pedigree Puppy Food – dry or can – we use this because it has no green or red dye 
   that might make the stool look like it has blood in it.     Other brands use dye. 
> Purina dry or canned ground or pate cat food – adult and kitten 
> Dog leashes, collars (all sizes) or harness (all sizes) 
> Used sheets, blankets, or towels (we use a lot of these) 
> New or used large metal bowls for water or food 
> Small litter boxes 
> Please no dog treats

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Shelter Info
We are a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.  Click here to donate.
Physical/Shipping Address

8480 Phillips 300 Rd
Helena AR 72342