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Humane Society of the Delta

P O Box 3218
West Helena AR 72390

(870) 753-2119

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When ordering for our Amazon Wish List or when shipping items to the Humane Society of the Delta, please use the following shipping address:

Delta Gypsy Caravan 
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509 Cherry St,
Helena, AR 72342
(870) 753-9403
Wings of Rescue
Why we fly!

Wings of Rescue is committing to help empty the Humane Society of the Delta. We will be flying at least 50 of their pets on Valentine's Day to no kill shelters from where they will be quickly adopted. Please watch this powerful video so you can understand why Wings of Rescue is there - and why we will be flying so many pets from the greater Memphis area (400 leaving on February 14th). This is not a video you can watch 10 seconds of to understand, you have to watch the whole 5 minutes to appreciate the magnitude of the task. Please help us empty the Humane Society of the Delta and rebuild and re-staff the shelter by donating at We all have the power to change the world if we want to. If everyone who watches this video donates just $5.00 we will be able to make a huge difference - the power of love will conquer the power of benign neglect. If you can't donate, please just like our Facebook page and show that you stand with Wings of Rescue and want to make a positive difference.  

Donate to support Wings of Rescue Freedom Flights.

Watch this moving film by Shelby Wilson for the Humane Society of the Delta.
HSD Memorial or Birthday Cards

Send a Humane Society of the Delta Card. Our cards are a wonderful way to honor special family members, friends, and animal lovers. 

Be sure to send the name and address of the person/family to send the card to.  Don't forget to include your name and address to acknowledge your gift.

Donations can be made online or mail your donation to:

Humane Society of the Delta
P. O. Box 3218
West Helena, AR 72390