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Humane Society of the Delta

P O Box 3218
West Helena AR 72390

(870) 753-2119

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When ordering for our Amazon Wish List or when shipping items to the Humane Society of the Delta, please use the following shipping address:

Delta Gypsy Caravan 
c/o Gloria Higginbotham
509 Cherry St,
Helena, AR 72342
(870) 753-9403
HSD Memorial or Birthday Cards

Send a Humane Society of the Delta Card. Our cards are a wonderful way to honor special family members, friends, and animal lovers. 

Be sure to send the name and address of the person/family to send the card to.  Don't forget to include your name and address to acknowledge your gift.

Donations can be made online or mail your donation to:

Humane Society of the Delta
P. O. Box 3218
West Helena, AR 72390
Watch this moving film by Shelby Wilson for the Humane Society of the Delta.
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